Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts

 Long story short, I posted a few pictures on Facebook a few weeks back of some Pee Pee Tepees I had made for a friend to take to a baby shower. I casually said if anyone needs a baby shower gift message me. 
Well, a co-worker from my FOX days did! And I had the wonderful opportunity to make some very special gifts for her sister-in-law-to-be. I can't tell you how much I loved picking out the fabric to go with her theme (giraffes) & carefully measuring, cutting, and sewing her gifts together. Just knowing a new mom would open the box & use these with her new baby boy made the project so special. 
Maybe it's me wishing I was the one having a new baby, maybe it's me being pretty proud of my new skills, I don't know. But I really loved this project and I'm going to start my Etsy shop soon so I can keep it up! I'm marketing to the late-20-something gal who's friends are having babies now but they have no idea what to buy for the shower & would rather go to the DMV than Babies-R-Us.
Here are a few pics I took with my iphone. Bums me out a little that the color is a little squirrely.

Reversible baprons (bibs with more coverage)
They really are pretty and bright, not greenish and dull like they look here.

p.s. have you ever made your own bias tape? It's hard horrible awful!
Fancy burp cloths to match! These are the ones you take out in public. Not the ones that get stuck in the couch and sour. (don't side-eye me! You know it's happened to you too!)
 And the Pee Pee Tepees! Wish I had these with Roland.
And check out this really cool thank you/business card Project Envy Girl made me! Check out her blog too. She's crafty with paper, pictures and more! Should have had her take the pictures, I know.  

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